Sunday, January 10, 2010

I am probably doing what my students will do!


And Im’s sure some of us are in the same situation I am which is….. "doing all the homework that wasn’t done at the last moment". Well at least this experience will prepare me to avoid doing the same for the second module and to share it with my future students.

Pd: hehe this post has been my shortest one so far hehe ! :)


  • Irma Illonka said...

    Getting self discipline for an online course is hard, isn´t it?. It was the hardest for me at the beginning of this course.
    I needed to remind myself that I was taking an online course and I needed to be on line.
    Don´t worry, I am sure you will overcome all difficulties, and reflect on this process so you can understand your students

    Justin said...

    I'd like to see how your goals have been evolving. You have been reading a lot lately, and I am sure this is giving you lots of food for thought. Share your progress with us!